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Please hide my identity because it’s a very embarassing one. It’s very traumatising but this is exactly what happened to me, i think i saw a similar one but it was on a smaller case.

When i was in my final year in college, i met a beautiful girl at a club, whom we kicked off instantly in fact i remember very well she bought my first 4 bottles then as a show of real manhood, i told her i’ll take it from there. To me we were in gel phase, everything
i told her was point on, it must have been the alcohol since i was not so fluent when it came to ladies. She even noticed my erection and touched my genitalia a bit since we were in the VIP section. It was my last loan from school and i was determined to make the best use of it since it was the last time. I had chosen that particular club because i didn’t frequent it often and it had very hot mamas generally. Late night, we started kissing then things caught up and we decided to take things to the next level. We booked a room upstairs of the same club and even though we were staggering, we managed to reach and unclothe ourselves but that’s when karma started when after getting me completely naked, she told me it’s time to say goodbye, i swear i was high but i heard those words. She had already chained me to the bed posts but i didn’t care, i was high and anticipating some action. What i remember then is three men entering the room then gave me a few blows and sodomised me one after the other. It’s was as if that was not happening, my alcohol level had dropped but i wasn’t powerful enough. They beat me up then did it and left me unconscience. In the morning i was full of shame that i didn’t talk to anyone from the management of the club. I couldn’t even walk well so i took a taxi to hospital where i was given some drugs and therapy and luckily i had not contracted any disease. The events shocked me because i don’t have any explanation of what had happened that day because i have never done someone something so bad to deserve that kind of punishment my guess has always been that it was mistaken identity. The only one i know who is capable of hurting me was an x of mine but i don’t think she would go to that extent. From that day to date, i never speak to women apart from my mom because in my mind, she is the only woman who will never try to have me killed. I have gone to therapy but since therapy requires trust between patient and therapist, i haven’t managed given the fact that i can’t tell a male therapist about my odeal. This is the first time i have been able to narrate what happened to me. To make the matters worse, my mom says she wants a grandchild but that’s just putting extra pressure on me, i will never marry because that girl from the club made me loose faith in women completely

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