Who do I go for guys😔??


I have this friend lady and we’ve been good friends .. She has a boyfriend but they are in a distance relationship… She claims she only hear of her boyfriend once in a while…. And they don’t communicate effectively cos he is in a seminar…. Just recently, anytime we speak on phone or text, she will end it with “I love you” and I did reply anytime knowing it’s just a friendly chat.. she has confessed to have feelings for me and gets jealous anytime she sees me posting or talking to a different lady… I took it very normal becos she can be very dramatic at times and always thought her feelings us a trap just to know intentions I got about her.. buh it keeps developing stronger each day and I don’t want to accept cos I might be the cause of their breakup …. Buh the thing too is that I’ve got another girl am in talking stage with and we beginning to like each other.. on the other side I might hurt both girls if I choose one over the other… And to the first girl who is a friend too, I feel she wants to start a new thing with me becos of her distance relationship….. Who do I go for guys😔??

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