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This girl and I were best friends during shs one, we got so close and couldn’t get rid of each other. Well when we go to shs 2 I had a girl proposed to me and I accepted, I dated this girl along side having this best friend, I saw things wouldn’t work out between this new gf and I since my bestie wasn’t comfortable ..the girl and I broke and I officially took my bestie as my gf ..this was so sweet since we were used to each other, we got to shs 3 and we still couldn’t get enough of each other. But after we completed we got separated and our relationship became a long distance relationship..we started having relationship issues since I she was home and I was in the university. Our relationship got rocky and she told me we should give it a break. I really loved this lady and I understood she was going though a lot that is why she asked for this break. Well two days later a video leaked with her in a guys room doing couple goals ei 😂..my heart was beating like Pentecost Ajax, like for real just two days after our break..come on!.. this girl started showing me attitude and my dm was flooded with messages from my mate asking what happened since everyone in our school knew we as a couple..I deleted WhatsApp cried my ass out and decided to follow money ..now I’m stable not to brag but I have my goals coming through …I added this girl back in snap and decided to tension her with my money ..lol she came back crying that she’s really regretted, she wasn’t matured at that time and she only dated that guy because she wanted couple goals..I accepted her apology and now I want to take my revenge on her ..not sure how to but she’s goin regret I bet..what do you think guys ?

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