i have also have a confession. It’s something i have kept for a long time to myself but the guilt kills me, i can’t take it anymore. Am married with kids, my husband works for the military so we meet as a normal family one month every year. Am not insinuating that am not satisfied with the short time we meet, he was already in the military before we got married so i knew exactly what i was getting myself into and because of love, we committed ourselves to one another. Things have been going well fine, i can’t complain in any department because he usually comes once in a while throughout the year and caters for everything it’s just this one time i did something that i regret. Well you know how the devil doesn’t rest?, we were living in a rent house that time, a beautiful three-bedroom apartment. My best friend and neighbour at that time was also married and over ten years older than i was but she was a fun person to hang around with. If she happens to read this confession one day, i would like to clarify that in no way do i blame her for what happened because everything was my choice. She used to have *** with different guys like at least three times in a week so out of curiosity i asked her if she doesn’t worry that one day her hubby might bust her doing that stuff in their matrimonial house. Well this was the first crazy person i met in my life, i don’t think i have ever come across someone else with her type of guts i wish she could confess here all the things she has done, i bet the naive among us wouldn’t believe. She was a *** hawker in her 20’s and apparently that’s how she met with her hubby and for him to get turned on, he required to see videos of her getting it from other men, weird. She started showing me the videos one by one and soon i was hooked and addicted. I started watching porn then hardcore porn as she continued showing me her videos which would make me superhorny and i started masturbating. until one day i told her to hook me up with one of the guys. It happened in two days, the dick was so good that i asked for another and another and another, every one seemingly better than the last one. It was at the fitfth one that i decided to quit. I called my husband and told him we should relocate and after we did, i joined a church group even though am not so religious and changed. That wild part of my life that happened in less than a month is the only blemish to my otherwise perfect marriage and i regret having done that and everytime i think about it, i feel like am the worst person in the universe.

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