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Well this is my confession, am a 20+ yr old guy, I have an addiction to Porn and masturbation that am making a conscious effort to put a stop to. I’ve been addicted to porn for 10+ yrs but my addiction to masturbation is quite recent, in-fact 4yrs ago, it all happened when I was in junior year at Uni, I remember it like it happened yesterday, The Power was out, I was in my hostel room alone, I decided to watch newly downloaded porn I had on my laptop, in the many years I’ve been addicted to porn I never seen myself masturbating. I was watching, and as usual I get a hard on, it reached a scene when the lady’s (who was my age) moans were very intense, and her body movement were like nothing I’d seen in all my year of watching porn, and I had the thought to rub my erect penis, I initially didn’t mind the thought, but it kept ringing in my head, so I just succumb to it and I started stroking it to the sound of the moans, it continued like that to the point where she was moaning quite fast, I also started stroking fast, before I knew, I ejaculated at the same time she came in the video, the feeling was nothing like I had never felt, after that night for 2 weeks anytime I went to bath I masturbated. But now am noticing some odd changes that promoted me to take the decision to end this addiction, I realised that I always cum under 2 minutes when I masturbate, it wasn’t so when I initially started, I would last for 5+ minutes before cumming. I honestly wish I’d never run into porn to get addicted which has lead me to this, because of porn addiction, I used to fondle my female cousins when the were asleep, I was young


and I didn’t know and understand the full ramifications of my actions, now an old and I regret every bit of it, when God willing I become a parent, I do my best to prevent my children from making the mistake I made when I was young. Now am making the effort to stop and I a long journey ahead, I hope through your channel I could get some professional help to make this aim of stopping both addictions a reality. Once again thanks and Shalom

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