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please hide my identity. Am a married man. been married for about 7 months now but this is like the most boring thing ever. In front of my friends, i act like am in the most joyous marriage in the world but at home it’s another picture. I had been in other two relationships before i got married, my wife i have no idea but we never had *** before marriage. now am regretting because my wife is almost completely insensitive to ***. She can never start a sexual session unless i do and when i do it’s like she is not even into it. she just lays there i do my thing then we sleep. it’s the most disgusting *** ever but since sometimes johnny gets hard without due notice, i find myself starting just to relieve myself. I have started watching hardcore porn and visiting brothels to get satisfied but it’s now that i have started thinking, why do i need a wife?, why did i marry this person in the first place and is this the person i will spend the rest of my life with? this thoughts sometimes give me huge anxiety because am also afraid of going through the divorce process because apart from the bad sexual life, there’s nothing else implicating that would put the divorce in my favor. Am so stressed about this because i made the worst decision of my life by committing myself to this woman.

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