Am a conman and up to now i have conned 2501 people from the day i started recording successful hacks. If anyone asked me how i feel about my job, i’d say am not proud of it but it is what i know even though i can’t stand in front of people and say am proud of this. I have conned people and medium sized companies for long that it has become a habit and an unstoppable behavior because other than the money i earn from it, it’s very satisfying when i successfully execute a con and leave no debrils after. The biggest percentage of people in the world have passed through the jaws of conmen or conwomen but i prefer to use conmen to generalise and to reduce the amount of typing i have to do. Even me i got conned but i’ll get to that later. i didn’t start conning out of the blue. Some people might call it an evil spirit but i choose the word brilliance. Over time when i was a child, i would find myself making my parents and siblings do stuff willingly only for them to realise later that it was a bad choice. It’s like an external force was driving me into being the con i am today. I used to lie so tirelessly that at high school, i was no longer me anymore at home or at school. Every word that came out of my mouth was a lie but it happened so naturally that it became a norm. I also developed the habit of pickpocketing naturally. My dad was a tailor and often he would make me over-turn people’s clothes inside out and check if the pockets had money. Believe it or not, you will be surprised how much money they make from the money people forget in the pockets after they take their clothes to them. It happened that after i did that for like seven or eight years, i knew the fabric, the position and shape of all pockets and easily removing a wallet or phone or anything that attracted my eyes from a person’s pocket became a habit that even though was dangerous, i couldn’t stop. I can do it in a split second and you won’t feel a thing. I remember one time there was a security alert at a building in town and at the door as everyone was trying to leave i got away with 21 smartphones and 7 wallets in about 15 mins, my best tally in a single day to this day. I know i sound stupid saying this but i believe an external force has guided me to becoming a conman ever since the day i was born. Am very bright and passed with flying colors, both in primary and high school but i hated being employed from an early age and when i started making some assets from pick-pocketing, i forgot what school was even though i went to college and finished my degree. It’s worth noting that i have never forced anyone to handle over their stuff to me, how could i?, i have a fairly small body but when i see you in a hotel and like your iphone, after a few minutes it will be in my pocket. I started full-blown conning when another conman tricked me into handing over my school fees freely without a fight. At first i thought he had used some magic powers or some evil spirit but after i went back home, i sat down and analysed everything that happened from top to bottom. It took me around two weeks to see the whole picture. I was sad but a few days later, i did the exact same con on someone else and it worked perfectly. I have conned people right left and center. On mpesa, laptops, phones, jewellery, vehicles, name them. Am now ready to quit this job which has made me a multi millionaire and also got me a beautiful wife who i conned but due to the attraction i felt for her, i returned her stuff and we hit it off. The best part is people don’t share their cons with others because they feel stupid after so you can find two people that live together have gone through the same same con but they have never opened out about it. It’s also true that IQ and con go hand in hand. It’s harder to con a clever person than it is to a slightly less clever person. Planning a con is the most important part of it because you have total control over the subject and the environment making it hard for someone to escape although some do. Since am retiring ann maybe one day tell people to send how they were conned, detail by detail and you and everyone will be surprised at how cons look similar. When people can’t interpret a con, they say that the conman used some evil spirit or something even more weird but it’s just their brain that doesn’t want to accept the fact that it was at the mercy of another brilliant brain. There is no juju con. I would have loved to write more details but am tired. Happy times and watch out people and sorry to all my victims

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