sorry to my kids


I am a happily married man, almost 7 years now but i have several mistresses. To put it in other terms, i have 8 women on the side but they don’t know each other. 3 are sluts am sure and i’ll get rid of them but the rest are very good women. There’s a friend of mine who asked me the other day why have 2 concubines( He only knows 2) then it got me thinking, why do i keep all this women?? because i didn’t have a direct answer to his question that time. I am happily married with kids in my main home but as a man with a more than enough income, what do you do with life?. Money brings this kinds of opportunities and It’s very hard to for a beautiful woman to entice me and i say NO, that will never happen. I have many times set myself goals of living with only my wife but it’s almost impossible for me because am used to being pleased and pampered by many different women. In my defense, if i tried to reconcile all this women, probably the only thing that would result from that is fights and competition so i chose this path. I just wanted to confess that and to say sorry to all my kids in advance, the live ones and those that are not yet born because there is a high chance some will never know they are related

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