Should I tell my friend or just be cool with them?


I f*cked my paddy ein woman. As I go uni ago meet some bro , wey we all dey one host buh different room. During orientation, he meet this fine babe then he propose give am during our third week in campus. So everywhere I see them no , u go see me. the guy come talk me say he dey wan take me cell call ein na ein airtime finie and this was how the girl got my number. I would be there she go call me ask sey wer ein man dey , me to Jon ago go ein room check whether he dey dere , as a I hand my phone give him dem go talk saa for 15 mins. It continued for a while so I him sey ano dey like that Buh he no listen. I went to do some group meetings for her hostel like compilation Wey this girl too if she see me a kasa nkoaa . It delayed my time which made me to sleep at my group leader ein place demma hostel be mix. As we dey talk it cross my mind say make I ask her abt her roomies Wey she talk me say dem all lef for the weekend. So I droit keep her company for a while ,she decided that we should get in. This lead to a movie night. She started tickling me during the movie, I couldn’t control myself, did the same to her. She rubbed onto the bed was still laughing I jumped to continue I stopped for a moment but realized she enjoyed it.

This girl grabbed me like something err. We kissed at first. Did some small smooching . I went into her bra she didn’t stop me continued with what I was doing. She turned me to sit on the bed and pulled my trousers down I was wearing tight boxer so as she pull it out it did hit her face bang. She sucked my balls as if it was toffee. This girl undressed then locked the door increased the volumes of the movie and rode on me .
For like five minutes she was still on me .i turned her and gave her from the behind. I noticed to pull out and cum on the floor. You all know how the second round takes long .we did enjoy ourselves that night. After that night she sees me and be like nothing happened. She still wants us to continue with *** life.
Should I tell my friend or just be cool with them?

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