Please help me help my friend


My gee bi ong then he say some girl bi like that then he then am dey so… Wey the girl after lock down (2020) asked him out. He was excited mmom but then something came up on his side so he had to postpone it. Fast forward about a week later, he asked the girl out on a date but she was going for a wedding so mutual understanding they postponed it. Fast forward a week after he asked her out lol and she had to go take her driver’s licence test hmm😂 I understand things happen and circumstances cause certain things to happen anyway moving fowrd into 2021 my gee actually told her he really liked her and that he’d like to be more than a friend to her. According to him, she didn’t give a solid yes she didn’t also say no (She kinda left him hanging) From time to time they were still talking but she started withdrawing herself little by little from dry texts to excuses as to why she can’t talk and so on…
Finally be like my boy pick mind also jie ein eye then blocked her number but then randomly she’d try calling (but would not go through cuz her number was blocked) or would start a random conversation. When my gee (Let’s name him Kwame) told me all that was happening between him and the girl I was surprised cuz of the way he spoke highly of her. I advised him to try to be a gentleman even though she was not really trying on her side. So he unblocked her number and one time she texted again but he wasn’t too into the conversation and decided to also be texting back with very short texts or not even text back at all one of the days she called and they spoke he told me he didn’t bring up anything about his feeling towards her while they spoke till they ended the call. So to me I saw it as she just wanted him as a friend so I told him he also told me he saw this a long time ago but then even if she wanted him as a friend she could have least said so than to have wasted them both their time… I told him to test the waters a little he decided not to reach out or anything of that sort and finally realised he’d been doing all the heavy lifting trying to make conversations, reaching and stuff like that with the girl. So this time round he decided to pull the plug on everything, deleted her number unfollowed her on her socials. (and life goes on for everyone involved right?)
But then this girl from time to time would send random messages and say she’s checking up on my guy
(ei kerch some point then afigga ebe some witchcraft bi😂😂)
My guy Kwame nu ong he was kind of naive when it comes to these kind of issues but I’m sure he’s learned a lot from all this…

From time to time throughout the day he can be going about doing his things and he might come across something that would remind him of all that happened between him and his girl nu.

Then he would tell me about it. (I don’t blame him though) and say sometimes he has some sort of conviction to call and ask about her cuz he might not know how she might be doing. Then he just go jie ein eye then forget about even reaching out lol…

Just recently she texted him again one of those her random things nu…

He’s asked me what he should do cuz he conf 🤷🏽‍♀

I think when he tries to move on with his life she get some sensor bi wey ego alert am so she just sends some random messages then he gets confused 😕

Please help me help my friend

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