My biggest secret


My confession goes like this. As soon as i got married, my husband changed all over sudden and even started beating me up almost everyday. That’s when i naturally sought guidance from the pastor’s wife who as soon as hearing my story connected me to her husband the pastor for prayer and guidance. We scheduled a meeting n first day it went fine with no problem whatsover, after a lengthy talk he prayed for me and i departed. Somehow things didn’t change back home so i continued reporting and the more i did the more i got attached to the pastor and in the office, he started getting closer to me putting his hands on my shoulders then thighs then we kissed but i moved out before it got more serious. I felt guilty for betraying my friend his wife and after several weeks, i told her what had happened just to come clean and “to salvage her marriage” since i thought her husband was playing her. What she told me made me rethink of the world we live in because she said she was very disappointed in me for having rejected her husband’s approach and as a result he had been very stressed and was unable to conduct the ministry well. I thought that was the sickest thing i had ever had in my life until she showed me a footage of the video when me and the pastor kissed. For a moment i thought, this is serious and is happening. She then told me i had to finish what i started or she would make the video go viral. After i did the act is when i realised i shouldn’t have in the first place because there was no way she was gonna jeopardise their church’s activities. I did lay with the pastor even though i didn’t feel much guilt about it since before i got married i had numerous episodes and a complicated *** life but even though it was a foolish act i have never set foot on a church again though i had turned into full-blown believer. I was also afraid she would tell my husband then i figured out she can’t and stopped stressing about it. My marriage is still shit but i still hold on even though that happened years ago. Am glad i have narrated this thing that has been my biggest secret even though i have many

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