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Me and my sister don’t have not had contact with our parents since we were both kicked out of home together when we were 14 because we were caught smoking weed together. we moved into a house provided by social services and by the age of 17 were renting our own place. it was just after we moved in to our own place, one night we were watching TV and something came on about incest and they interviewed a brother and sister who were married. we started chatting about it and my sister said “I don’t know why people are so critical of them, if two people love each other in that way regardless of relation then they should just be left alone”. I made a comment that I wished I could find a girlfriend who was as kind and loving as my sister, to which she responded with “instead of trying to find someone like me why don’t you just have me”, I laughed it off but later that night when I went to bed just after I got in to bed, I heard someone through the bedroom door, at which point my sister climbed onto my bed in the sexiest lingerie I have ever seen and said “so how about it. do you want someone like me or do you want me”. we made love for the first time that night and started regularly having *** and basically acting like a married couple. a few years later we moved to the USA as I got a job there and we started our life over there introducing each other as partners because nobody knows us where we live. I’ve taken her to work functions as my ‘wife’ and nobody has any idea that she is actually my sister. we walk down the street holding hands , kissing, cuddling… and are able to live as a couple because nobody knows our history. in short I’ve been dating my sister now for 8 years. I consider her my lover, Soulmate, girlfriend and partner and I’ll never feel different as there is no stronger bond than family. We make love still at least 3 or 4 times a week and nothing compares to looking into your sisters eyes and seeing nothing but love and pleasure.

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