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Earlier this year my wife and i decided to try new things to spice up our bedroom department. We went online one night together and searched for ways we could make our bedroom affairs even more interesting than they already were. I must say i have a very vibrant wife in bed sector with whom we try anything that comes to our minds. We found many solutions but the one that excited us the most was *** toys. We had never tried them before. I suggested we buy *** toys the coming weekend so we first researched and found a good *** toy shop. Like the good man i’ve always been, i gave her the freedom to buy the *** toys she thought were best suited for her. The first day she came with one, then on the next day on a sunday she went for a few more. We used them in excitement the first day but on monday at work is when it dawned on me. I was thinking about how the experience was great especially for her then it hit me all the toys were significantly bigger than my penis in length and in girth in fact my dick is like a finger compared to this machinery she bought. To make the matters worse she rarely climax without the toys in the few weeks we have used them and she buys at least one new toy every week. Right now am starting to stress out because it has dawned on me that i have never satisfied her in bed. For sure there are dildos and vibrators my size but she chose bigger ones. Yesterday i came from work but found her in the bed watching porn from our bedroom screen with the sound of the vibrator inside the blankets she didn’t stop or say hey. I was never insecure about my dick before but now when i see it, i think it’s small and useless am afraid of penetrating her because i have seen with my own two eyes the kind of organ it takes to give her pleasure. I hope this can be a lesson to men out there who like to be dynamic in the bedroom, don’t use *** toys and if you must, make sure you buy them yourself to avoid the competition and humiliation am experiencing right now. I know i brought all this on myself but isorait, lesson learnt

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