it’s hard to stop


Hello readers. I hope you are listening to me because i need both advice and prayers. When i was about thirteen years old there is this cousin of mine that used to visit us during school holidays and she taught me alot of things. We are both girls so we used to sleep in the same bed and no one ever suspected what we used to do. The first time it happened as i recall, we had just stopped chatting turned off the lights but she started touching me my boobs that were in development in a way that i felt a good sensation so i didn’t do anything i went on with the flow. It went on and on until it became a norm. We would get angry at each other during the day but at night she would caress and touch my pussy in a way i couldn’t resist. The next holiday she came, it continued from where it stopped but upgraded, we started licking each other i must say it felt great. After i went to high school everything stopped and we didn’t see each other in a while. After highschool i went to university, my roomy was a naive chick but exactly my type. By now i was full blown attracted to women and one day i got so horny thinking about her that i decided to take action. She slept carelessly and didn’t wear panty at night. After she slept, her blankets would fall and her pyjamas would rise such that i could see her pussy. i masturbated countless times before i decided enough is enough. I ate her out while she was asleep and after a few mins she woke up but didn’t push me away. She was my second girl to do the girly thing with. Right now am married and i love dick but am cheating on my husband with women. He placed me as a senior in his company so i observe all female recruits that join and 98% of women who have joined since i took over have tasted my pussy. Am not proud of it but am addicted to it. I’ve turned promotions into sexual encounters with me but only with women. There are only a few women in the office that i haven’t tasted and the ones i haven’t are either too old or are too respectable to approach. Am trying hard to stop this behavior but it’s hard to stop

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