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i have a bf that i love to some extent but lately i have done things that am not so proud of. I have rented a house of my own so my bf comes to visit on weekends only so he doesn’t know what happens during the other days. There is this dude who lives next door, am guessing at almost 28 he is at least 5 years younger than i am but we have fun because he is a good cook and makes my nights by cracking jokes until i fall asleep and he goes to his house. The problem is what’s been happening recent past. A few weeks ago, he had many relatives visit so he needed extra space and as a good friend i told him he could sleep in my house while his relatives slept in his house to free up space for one person. I did that in good faith God is my witness i wasn’t thinking about any extracurricular activity. We talked until late night when we both decided to sleep. He slept first and after a few hours of sleep, his left hand was all over my body, from my neck to my boobs, thighs anywhere he could reach. I was surprised, i thought he was planning to rape me but on closer look, he was deep asleep. I removed his from my body then waited for like 5 minutes then woke him up. I don’t know if he was pretending or something and if he was, he is a damn good pretender but from my judgement, he was deeply asleep. After we slept again, at around 4am he did the same thing, i got so turned on that i spread my legs a bit for him to touch my vagina and i felt so good i had to change my panty shortly after i moved his hand from my body again. In the morning, i was afraid it would all be a prank but he acted like nothing happened between us. few days later i had a chat with his gf, we are not so close who i cunningly asked about her bf and she touched on that point. That she can’t allow her bf to sleep with another girl or guy because he touches people during sleep. I have never heard of something like that before so i promised myself i wouldn’t take advantage of the situation again should the chance arise but i didn’t even finish two days. I faked that i was afraid of sleeping in my house so i had him sleep over and it happened again. He touched me so good, better than anyone who has ever touched me but this time i checked to see if he had an erection and it wasn’t there. I have now been making him sleep with me at night without his gf knowledge and i know it’s a form of cheating but i can’t stop because it feels so damn great even though i would like to stop. Thanks for the channel, i really appreciate it since i had no one else to tell this even though it’s bugging me

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