Is there anyone else in the world with the same problem as me?


When I was around 7 years old, my cousin used to love watching DC animations namely, flash, superman, batman etc. We used to watch them a lot together up until the day where he brought a batman costume so we could apparently play a part in the animations, while we were playing I noticed that he was touching my genitals a lot. Every since that day I have developed a batman fetish where I just get aroused by the comic anti hero. I’ve tried to contain myself but it seems to be getting worse, when I was 13 me and my friends went out trick and treating, while doing this I found a girl wearing a bat costume, as natural I got turned on and approached her, in about an hour I found myself in a room with her making out, we became very good partners that night, however the day after all my feelings for her were gone unless she wore the bat costume, apparently it was too inconvenient so we broke up, however this event happened numerous amount of times again and again , mostly in Halloween. And sometimes it’s just so bad it gives me suicidal thoughts, I searched on the internet to see if there were people like me but there really wasn’t. I’m still trying to hide this fact and trying to get better. Is there anyone else in the world with the same problem as me?

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