I wish i didn’t know all that stuff


My youngest sister is getting married this December but am not into the whole event. She is getting married to a player, a man who is much older than her and to make it worse, he has slept with every female in our family including my mom but she doesn’t know about it. Am not planning to tell her and am sure my older sister can’t tell her about her experiences with the guy. For my older sister’s case, they hooked up in college and even stayed in the same house for a period of about two years. During that time i used to visit my sister, i was in highschool but was fully grown up and he seduced me behind my sister’s back. I was naive and gave in, had *** with him a couple of times then stopped. During my sister’s graduation ceremony, he was invited as my sister’s “friend” so at night when everyone was enjoying and mostly drunk, i accidentally saw him having *** with my mother doggy style with all clothes on at the parking lot while she was holding on to the bonnet of my dad’s car. That was no surprise for me, i heard many stories about my mom’s past and i’ve also witnessed her cheating again when she was drunk at an event at home. I hated him so much from that day but i kept everything to myself. When my younger sister announced that she was getting married, we were happy for her because we are both married now but when she presented the guy, we acted happy but didn’t say a word. My older sister called me and made me swear i will not tell her that she had things with that guy for a long time in order to give them a fair chance. I agreed but she doesn’t know i have had *** with the guy and so has our mom. This thing is stressing me out so much because keeping something of this magnitude is a big task for me and i will blame myself if he hurts her in future. I have weighed on ways to tell her the truth but all preparations have been done so it might be too late for that. I wish i didn’t know all that stuff because it’s so hard to bear.

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