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Hello guys, good morning. I need you guys to please help me out. So I’m in my first year in University whilst my gf is in her final year in SHS so she’ll be writing her WASSCE this year. So my problem is that my gf used to find time to call me whenever she went to school but these days she doesn’t and when I ask her she either gives flimsy reasons or none at all, so I don’t bother asking again saf. There was a time where I got upset and blocked her she called my lil sis to ask why and this is someone who doesn’t call me o. Also our level of communication has reduced as compared to before. Now when I text her it takes her more than a while to get a response and I can’t tell if she’s online cos she has turned off her online status. This attitude of hers makes me fell sometimes that she does not love me but she’s always reassuring me that she does. I sometimes feel she has found someone else and it hurts me. i also have this female friend also in SHS final year but in a different school who will call me at the slightest opportunity she gets and we can talk for hours unending. I want your opinions on what you think I should do. I’ll be in the comment section thanks.

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