I need to move on please help me


Hey ,please keep me anonymous am 19 this year I have been dating this guy for the past 9 months now we were very cool although he sometimes compares me to his ex girlfriend tho buh I knew he cant get over her so I didn’t give him heads up when he talks about her He just entered uni i mean a fresher he started giving me attitude. He doesn’t even call like he used where you ask him he will complain he’s always learning oo meanwhile when you go online you will see his streaks with his so called favorite classmate and i will just open and watch without complaining so I just found out am pregnant i told him and he didn’t even bother to call to ask for if its real or wat and he just said what to do you expect me to say i was broken at that moment tho he later sent me money for abortion pills and he didn’t even call to check up or even text me , he didn’t answer my calls many times and my text too and went to the extent of telling me he regrets meeting me although i made him happy when his ex left him for other men hmm uni nti he’s flexing on me treating me like I never existed ,Hence during the time I needed him the most he didn’t come through for me and I think I should let go of this relationship and it’s making me go crazy whenever I think about this I didn’t even deserve that risking my womb hmm i do love him I tho I need to move on please help me

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