I have no idea what to do


Hello, i went to visit my family abroad, like a family vacation we have every year. This time however, it was different scary. Uncle Max had renovated his house so some things looked unfamiliar. He asked us not to enter his spare room since some junk from the renovation were kept there. We agreed cause the house looked a tad bit messy in a way. So for the next few weeks, we went on our trips and all that. One time, i realized Uncle Max came out of the room at odd and late times. At first i thought i was just being skeptical but then i began to get suspicious so one time when everyone had left, i decided to check the room out. My brother was busily playing games in his room so it wasn’t a problem. When i entered, the air felt so thick and was covered in vodoo items. Dried bones and herbs and a lot of things. I got really scared and got out but on my way, spilled some powder. I was scared he would find out so i quickly put it back in. When Uncle Max came back, he looked scarily at me. Since then, he’s been trying to get some alone time with me…we have three more weeks to come back to Ghana. I have no idea what to do, especially since he’s in a cult that according to my research, has many important people included, presidents even. And it turns out it was Micheal Jackson’s club too

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