i have lost all the respect i have in her


I passed my highschool exams but i didn’t qualify for government sponsored spots in campus so my aunt took me in to pay for my education so now i live with them. The aunt is my mom’s sister and the husband is a very cool guy who works almost 24/7. Now they have a teenage boy in highschool who had once tried to touch my boob but you wouldn’t believe what she does behind her husband’s back. To start with, she is a flirt and mostly makes jokes with all the men in the sorroundings. Am a late sleeper and it’s not once that i’ve heard her having *** with another man when the husband is away for work. problem is i never get to see the man so i can’t know if it’s the same same man or a different everytime. The worst thing that disgusts me is that she has a her boytoy in the same college i go to and that guy fucks with almost everything he comes across with. I mean why would she go for someone that young and there are many men her age or even older than her that are more suited for her? also she puts her husband at the risk of diseases because nowadays at our campus, almost everyone is sleeping with everything, i don’t think there is one person who can say that so and so is his/her boy/girl. I choose to reamin silent so that i can finish my degree in peace but i have lost all the respect i have in her.

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