I finally Quit


This happened about 11 years ago. I have never
told anyone, i wouldn’t even know where to start if it’s a one on one conversation with someone. Back then my husband was this drunkard dude who used 80% of his income on alcohol and whores but he still provided food and shelter for us. Back then it was me, him and our first born. I was somehow caught in this bubble of fashion and modernization and since my husband was not giving me pocket money, i decided to hustle on my own. It was a mistake but that’s why it is has been my secret all this years. I never once thought of doing something better like starting a small business, i only thought
of hawking my body. I started having *** for money and within 3 or so months, i had a customer base of 30 men and 2
women. I was making good money but it felt dirty. Afterwards, my husband stopped drinking and started investing a lot in the family including me so i had to completely stop what i was doing for good but it was not so easy. I was somehow
addicted to it because no matter how hard i tried, i couldn’t say no when a customer requested a service even though i
managed to reduce the number of times i did it. I continued doing it behind my husband’s back and saving the money in
the bank. I don’t know if it’s the money, or the thrill or it’s the *** that kept me doing it for more than an year after my hubby’s transformation. It was not until one day one of the customers went crazy and forced anal *** on me that
i finally quit because i got injured that day. I have never touched the money, the account still exists and i have never done it again. That’s my confession.

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