I don’t know what to do guys


I’m a 19 year young lady who has known no peace since I 13 years till date.
So I leave with my parents whom are both government workers,
We are Two,Thus my young brother and I,
Our parents starting having little corrals since I was 13,in 2021,their fights because serious to the extent that my dad now beats my mum anytime there is a little miss understanding,As a result of this ,My you brother and I where taken to Accra to school there,on the 30th of July 2021 was actually my worst birthday ever,I was in school,only for me call home and find out my mum has left our house,
My Dad also had another baby outside and it was later we all got to find out about it.
When I completed and came home I went to bring my mum back home and my dad seized my phone and threatened to disowned me , which was really shocking because my dad wasn’t like that,since I was born till date my dad has never laid his hand on me before talkless of beating his wife.my mum had an accident recently and broke her arm,I was the only there for her In the hospital till her surgery was done and we came home to her rented apartment.
I can’t finish this …
I haven’t been able to go to school this year because of their differences,They couldn’t come together to see that I go to school,And now I can’t bring my mum back home because even if I do my dad will beat her to death when I’m not around,
I cry to sleep,day in and Night,I don’t even have interest in men talkless of dating,
I stay indoors,Cry myself out wipe my own tears and go something to forget everything and move on,But my soul know no peace.
I don’t know what to do guys,I really want my parents to come back together and we will be a happy family like we once did.

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