I don’t have a source of funds


So I have this best friend who didn’t know I was into fraud, fraud as in “robbing banks without guns (online)”, ..it comes a long way from home where I was kicked out because I changed my faith, I had an issue with my parents because I switched from a Christian to a Muslim. I realized that faith is a man to God something, everyone for himself, you can’t judge faith but my home is a solid Christian home and the fact that I switched made my parents shun me. That’s not the case here, from shs I passed with distinction and had admission to UG, there was no one to cater for me so I had no choice than to switch to this illegal thing, it was all good I kept it low and moved on.
No one knew what I did and no one bothered to ask. I gained a lot from it for my fees and hostel. So the thing is I have two phones, the one I take out and the one I use for what I do. My best friend paid me an unexpected visit, I didn’t have time to hide the second phone, she saw the phone and asked if I’ve gotten a new phone well yeah I lied, she asked me she wanted to explore the phone since it was her first time seeing the iPhone 14 series, I couldn’t refuse her opened it for her. After browsing through the phone she ended up in my gallery. Damn it she saw a lot of stuffs ..like you know stolen ID cards, payment transaction and everything. That was when she realized I was into fraud. She got angry because she asked me one day for my source of funds and I told her I teach people coding online for money. She was so disappointed and left, I felt really bad about this.. I really want to stop this but I can’t it’s like I’m tied since I don’t have a source of funds.

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