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Two years ago, there’s was a ponzi scheme rush hour in my country, even though I didn’t know about it then, it never fancy me to join. Though lots of my friends were making money from it and advising me to join, it didn’t move me. There was a close friend of mind who was into it and he kept convincing me to join but I never fell for it. So one day he took me and some other guys to a club, he offer to pay the bill no matter how large it was. So as we were drinking he brought the topic up again. This time he decide to used his money, a bearer should only provide a phone number, bank account number and after a month when the money would be returned he will take possession of the returned!!! A guy decided to provide the needed details. After a month the ponzi scheme credited a large amount into the bearer account which my friend has already invested a month ago. Then my friend collected all the money from the bearer account because he was the one whom invested it. After that situation he didn’t need to beg us to join anymore, we were the one begging him that we wanna joined. That’s how I joined the ponzi scheme…..and it back fire!!! After we all joined and invest a large amount to the scheme, (we were all hoping to reap it big. Some of us even invest their house rent, schools fee, etc). We were to wait for a month before the ponzi scheme would pay us back our money with 40% increase!!! Six days to when we will be credited the ponzi scheme shoot down!!! Ann it wasn’t a child play, some guys commit suicide, some were in doors for weeks, I couldn’t tell anyone. Thank for providing the platform where I could share it anonymously. You are doing a great job here!!!

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