how do i help her


Some of you are heartless fr😔, I know I was wrong ok, if you’re all angry, how do you think I’m feeling right now? It was more like truth or dare and they told me they wouldn’t go as far as breaking her, guys have a way of fingering girls without breaking them and that’s what I thought they’d do, y’all don’t know how I’m feeling right now, I can’t sleep ok, they had *** with her and broke her virginity, you think I’m happy my girlfriend got deflowered by another man? Anyways all the insults has entered me, boys boys matter koraa I’ve stopped, I’m here again because I spoke to her, in fact I’ve told her elder brother who happens to be a very close friend, yh, he nearly arrested me but he didn’t, and the guy who impregnated her too, we know now, it was the 2nd guy, let’s say “Karmal” well he also couldn’t rest I, I guess your curses and insults spiritually entered him, he has taken care of the abortion procedures, yes please, we’ve aborted the pregnancy, her brother is aware, she’s aware and my three friends are aware, I’m not happy this happened okay, I’ve been a fool, I accept all the consequences, I’ve taken them in good faith, she’s now my woman for life, if I try to leave her, her brother will have me arrested and I’m with her for life, I guess karma got me early Cz I have to leave with the pain of not being her first, I also have to live with the guilt of drugging her, I have to live with the fear of getting arrested if I leave her even if she messes up, I have to live with the pain of betrayal from my 3 friends, you guys don’t know how I’m feeling right now, as I type now, she has blocked and blacklisted me, I understand and I know she’ll come around after a few days but I also know we both won’t forget it, especially me and how much trauma she’ll go through if I even try to kiss her,, guys I’m crying, I’m hurt, I know I was stupid and a fool but the pain is too much for me, her brother beat me up, I know I deserve it, for a gym instructor to beat you up isn’t something to take likely but all is in me, I know I deserve it, right now what I want to know is how to help her out of the trauma she might possibly go through, even if she doesn’t talk to me forever I’ll understand, I just want to help her and I guess that’ll be my sincere way of saying sorry even though I’ve said it numerous times and I’ll have to live with it all my life and as for “Karmal” and the other guys, they’re going to see her through Uni, they volunteered, we didn’t force them, we aborted the pregnancy today, everything happened today cz I told her brother yesterday(my conscience was eating me up, same for Karmal) before reading your comments, she’s going through a tough time right now and I just want to know how to help her with any possible trauma she might face

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