he might never change


Hey guys, i have a confession. It started about four years ago when i met this handsome rich guy that i fell in love with shortly after. He had been the apple of eye, has helped me during difficult emotional and financial times, he is perfect but not too perfect. In all our lifetime, not once has he ever asked to have *** with me. The biggest thing we ever did as a couple is hold hands or kiss slightly but not more than that. At first i thought this was a very good trait in a man, not thinking about *** but now i have realised i was wrong because it reached a point i started doubting myself, basically having a lot of trust issues especially with my body . It reached some point that i asked him why he never takes it to the next step or is it that am not attractive enough but he said we needed more time and we had to be in wedlock to do some things. That was somehow ironic because this is a guy who doesn’t go to any religious places so i was left wondering what wrong it could be. At first i thought that he had another chick or even a family somewhere but he didn’t seem like a person who loves touching women so i concluded that he was gay. I continued to push him because i have been deeply in love with him and wanted to shape our love life for the best so i broke up with him until he told me what was wrong. We stayed broken up for seven months during that time, i had this huge urge to text or call him but i held back. I also thought that i had done a mistake but too much time had passed and that was the right decision to make. Finally he called and we agreed to meet to resolve our issues. He promised to tell me everything during that meeting and so did he. I was shocked, in fact i took three weeks to give him feedback but due to the love and adoration i felt for him, i decided to continue with our relationship. He told me that he doesn’t like having *** at all but rather likes watching someone he loves having *** with another person so he wanted to watch me having *** with another person. I begged him we try just this ones but he said there was no need since he wouldn’t even have an erection. So he planned everything so that i can test it out, that’s when i experienced the weirdest thing of my whole entire life. He was jerking off full naked as i was being pounded then as he was about to cum, he came closer and splashed it all on my breasts. That was the most weird thing i have ever seen and done for love. Even the guy he had rented was not so much into it. After the other guy had gone, he told me to write a report about the experience, if his dick size was good for me, if his beards were distracting, if i wanted a person with more abs and muscle etc so that next time, i could get a more perfect partner. I told him i would never do that again and we parted only for me to have financial difficulties again and when i asked him for a loan, he gave me the condition to meet but i should never return the money so i accepted and i did it a few more times. I felt so dirty and used to a point i decided to make it my business until i become super rich, for him to pay watch me get pounded for money. I still love him and wish he could change one day but i think something in his childhood broke
him psychologically and he might never change.

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