He is misleading an awful lot of people but never gets punished for it


I fell in love with our local pastor then things got out of hand i got paged but it doesn’t end there. He suggested that i had to do an abortion because if the baby was born, he/she would ruin his life based on the fact that his lifelihood comes from the money he collects from the church and with the trust gone, the congregation would move elsewhere. Honestly i don’t know what got over me because i didn’t take the time to think deeply about it so i told him i was okay with the abortion. To my surprise, the person who did the operation was a lady who was a senior member of the church and it didn’t seem to bother her at all, she is a doctor. After i had the successful operation, i continued going to church as usual although things were a bit awkward at first but sooner everything continued from where it had left off. After an year i got paged again but this time i didn’t go ahead with the abortion although he still wanted me to. That’s when he started distancing himself from me then rented a house for me in another town where he has a church-branch too and told me he couldn’t risk his wife knowing that he had another baby outside marriage. I agreed and went there only for me to realise later that that was the town he took the women he paged from church because another woman who has twins that resemble his face lived there. They were saying that she was not strong enough because she succumed to the trap of the devil but the children were indeed the pastor’s seed. We had a chat, she told me of how things happened and why she chose to remain silent and raise her kids in peace, the main reason being she didn’t have a job or anyone else to support her whilst pastor was providing everything she wanted. She also told me that she had done three abortions prior to her deciding to keep the kids because that’s what pastor wanted. Last month we realised that there are two more women here with pastor’s kids just that we haven’t had the chance to interrogate them. The worst part is i can’t go out and expose him being the father of my child and also the bread winner but i pity myself and everyone else who believes that he is a man of God. After spending time with him for so long, my belief faded to a point i don’t believe that God punishes wrong doers. He is misleading an awful lot of people but never gets punished for it.

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