feeding 10 stomachs


 I would like to disclose off something here. I think i have a big big problem that can only be solved by one simple operation called VASECTOMY. I am very young, 29 but i already have 9 kids whom are supposed to be just 4 on normal circumstances. I married 4 years ago but i have 4 children from marriage, 2 pairs of twins. What my wife doesn’t know is that when i was in college, i impregnated a girl who bore triplets then when i got my first job, i had a thing with a woman who was my superior at work and she begot twins. The work woman has never been a problem because she can support the kids as it is but the rest, 7 of them depend entirely on my income. I earn an income which on normal circumstances is supposed to be good but divide it to my kids and their moms and it becomes peanuts. Problem is, my wife knows my salary so she knows the kind of life she should be living based on that salary so i had to improvise. Many days i pretend am drunk and get home late so that she can think i spend the money on bars drinking alcohol but i spend a huge part of my salary on my other kids, i stopped heavy drinking a long time ago. It has reached a point in my life am afraid of having *** even with protection because am afraid if my sperms hit the jackpot, it’s either twins or triplets double figuring my seed. Am also afraid of vasectomy because it means i will never again in my entire life sire a new being and that’s in itself worrying although i will be courageous and do the operation. Feeding 10 stomachs has been no joke

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