don’t mistreat that person who really loves you


I am a guy aged 23. So hear goes my confession:
I have been to three r/ships in my life ,or what maybe I could call a serious affair. Now, my second r/ship was one I thought was the most serious, I consider it so because the girl I loved really loved me and I could feel it, precisely ,I broke her virginity maybe that’s why. Her parents were the strict kind but she never gave a damn after we met ,I was in campus then and she was completing high school. So in the process she ended up colliding with her strict parents ..After she finished high school it even became worse because she had the guts to come over to my place,50 kilometers away and spend a week or two. It never augured well as her parents in the process decided they will no longer support her education. Now this is where the problem was: I am this jealous kind who would get furious over a simple thing: even the mere fact that she missed my call. We quarreled severally. Sometimes she would cry herself to sleep .I really feel I mistreated her for her undying love for me,I took her for granted. Finally she gave up on me, her parents had already disowned her so she was in a friends home(I only learnt that later since she never wanted to inform me maybe because she never wanted that to affect my studies). The lady as I came to learn resorted to drugs maybe to trynna forget the situation she found herself in ,when I meet her now she is a very different person ,not the pretty lady I knew and it really haunts me because I feel I made her what she is, not because she was wrong but because she loved me.
My advice to guys, please don’t mistreat that person who really loves you

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