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First of all a shout out to my dick for all that i have made it go through. You have been always been there with me in dryspell and in wet periods so for that i appreciate you. am writing this confession hoping you will post it. Like so many i have read here, i also masturbate excessively. I don’t know if it’s excess, but something tells me it is because i do it daily sometimes up to 3 times in a single day. I bet if my dick had the capabilities, it would call 911 immediately i put my browser in incognito mode. Funny thing with me is that i remember exactly how i started doing it. Some people say that they can’t remember how they started but in my case, i remember even the moments leading to the big bang of masturbation in my life. I had just joined high-school my friend back then gave me a porn dvd. I had to wait for a long time until my mom was out. I bought some candy for my younger siblings and sent them to play with the neighbours kids. I then made sure every door was locked then all windows and curtains were in order, tightly closed. I can remember the goosebumbs i had because i had never seen a pussy before let alone something moving inside it so you can imagine the anticipation. I played the dvd and started watching asap. That’s when the heavens opened and i saw the unthinkable. I got as hard AF but i didn’t masturbate that moment. I finished watching the dvd then took it back to my friend who told me he has a good source of the adult dvds so they will be flowing like rain. Later that day while i was having a shower, i touched my dick then remembered the porn. That’s the moment my life turned insided out because since that day, it has been on a daily basis. Right now i have a wife, two kids and am employed. I no longer enjoy ***, maybe i don’t enjoy *** because by the time am in bed with my wife, i have already masturbated like 3 times in my car or at the washrooms at work or even in my office. The only way i get hard with my wife is by thinking about her cheating on me with another person, weird but it’s how my fucked up brain operates. I have masturbated thinking about every woman in office. Sometimes at the cafeteria i pretend to pick something from the ground so that i can try to see the underwear of women who have spread their legs unknowingly. On weekends i go to the library, not to read but to find a woman who has spread legs so that i can sit in the opposite direction and try to take a photo so that i can masturbate with it later. The most weird thing about me is that i never masturbate with my wife in mind. I prefer other people’s wifes or my colleagues at work. Obviously i need help but believe me or not, i have tried hard to stop this but it’s impossible. There was even a time i tried to go to church but that just made things work because all i could think about was having *** with every woman in that church and making her go against her ways so i stopped going. I don’t know if i will ever stop this, i don’t know if it’s even possible but if i could reduce it, i would feel much more better. And that’s it.

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