Did I do the right thing by leaving him


So after being single for a long time my friend introduced me to one of her friends
We texted and got to know each other and decided to meet at a hotel
Things happened and we ended up having *** I felt bad afterwards because he treated me like I was a prostitute so I blocked him on all social platforms when I came back to my hostel
He later apologized to my friend and told her to talk to me because he was falling for me so I decided to give him a second chance
Everything was going smoothly
About a month into the relationship more problems started to arise
I fell very sick and wanted him to come see me but he used his car having a problem as an excuse
And I got angry because whenever it came to *** he’d order an Uber for me to meet him at a hotel but when it comes to personal issues he’s never available
So I asked to break up and he accused me of being in a relationship with my ex
He said I’ve been cheating on him that’s why I’m breaking up
But I know deep down he understands I’m breaking up with him because I’m not a *** toy he just wants to complicate matters
I’m honestly dumbfounded and want to know who’s telling him all these lies about me
I know I have been loyal and I loved him but he only wanted me to satisfy him
Did I do the right thing by leaving him or should I have trusted the process because he could’ve changed?

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