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I came from a good family who provided me with all the finer things in life but the one thing they did went a lil overboard and is fucking me up ever since. I was 3 to 4 years old when they have hired a really hot nanny to take care of me. But this nanny wasn’t some ordinary chic. She took taking care of me to the next level. She spoiled my innocence as early as that age. Like every ordinary 3 year old, I had no idea what a vagina is. But this chic introduced my eyes and my baby dick to it. I was so impressed and obsessed bout it. She would just spread her legs and show it to me. She would let me touch it and somehow I used to get hard from it. I don’t know how it worked either so shut up and let me tell the story…. This became a regular thing. I was hooked and demanding to see her pussy every single day. She told me not to tell my parents so I was shut. I can still see her pussy in my head. The way it looks the way it smells the way it felt… Here is the fucked up shit…. After I grew up, I found my self to be in to nannies and maids. They turn me on like switch. I started banging my maids while am in a serious relationships and wouldn’t even consider as cheating. It feels so right every time. Am probably gonna end up with one and that’s what scares me. Don’t get me wrong am not discriminating. But to be realistic I don’t think I can find a maid whom I can sync emotionally and intellectually with.

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