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Hello Keep me anonymous . So I was in the talking stage with this girl but it’s kind of a long distance thing. Tbh she’s really cool and seem to be the kind of lady I want as a guy . She’s smart, pretty, religious, funny, easy going and down to earth as well . She opened up on everything about her and so did I, and also I realize that she has big dreams and also a lot of business ideas all she...

What do you think?


I need help guys. My girlfriend and I starting dating on November 9, 2022. She is one of the best women I have ever met. She is smart, intelligent, having a good sense of humor etc. We love each other. The problem is, Her brother doesn’t want her to date now. I’m in my 3 year in uni, she is in first year although we are of the same age.I’m proposing we break-up cos the brother...

I’ll make you useless.


I guess I’m anonymous already to others but not you Kojo Well Kojo you’ll never know peace. We’ve dated for 6 fucking years,fucked the hell out of me whenever you want and now you want to leave me.I know you’re seeing this post.You’ve blocked me on every social media platform after I gave you 10cedis to invest in your shoe business.I’m saying this calmly…if you...

he blocked me


Okay so I’m a 17 years old girl in SHS2, I met this guy who was by the in L100 but now in L200 at Legon I think July 2022 and during that time we were on vacation so he always wanted to visit me since we’ve not met in person before,I gave him the chance and he came to my house we had a lot of fun ….. cuddling, smooching etc.Not long ago I left for school and when we were on break for...

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I have no idea what to do


Hello, i went to visit my family abroad, like a family vacation we have every year. This time however, it was different scary. Uncle Max had renovated his house so some things looked unfamiliar. He asked us not to enter his spare room since some junk from the renovation were kept there. We agreed cause the house looked a tad bit messy in a way. So for the next few weeks, we went on our trips and...

No violence please


I’m a girl of 17 and I’ve dated almost 6 boys alreadyI just entered the University I’ve never had *** before but for the other bad thing de3 I’ve done some paa CharlieAll my roomies be baddies they’ve always been talking about *** how they’ve been sexting and the skills they’ve been doing for the boys the fuck with because of this I’m always feeling for *** these day and I don’t know what do...

I need to move on please help me


Hey ,please keep me anonymous am 19 this year I have been dating this guy for the past 9 months now we were very cool although he sometimes compares me to his ex girlfriend tho buh I knew he cant get over her so I didn’t give him heads up when he talks about her He just entered uni i mean a fresher he started giving me attitude. He doesn’t even call like he used where you ask him he will complain...

what’s your personal advice for me


I’m currently 28 and I want to settle down now and I’ve met this girl now we’ve been together for about 2 months now and I want to put a ring on it. I just want my parents to see me get married that’s all it’s a big dream for me. I wasn’t really a bad boy or anything growing up and I’ve had only one relationship aside this one but my current girl has a past and she told me recently about it.Her...

Who do I go for guys😔??


I have this friend lady and we’ve been good friends .. She has a boyfriend but they are in a distance relationship… She claims she only hear of her boyfriend once in a while…. And they don’t communicate effectively cos he is in a seminar…. Just recently, anytime we speak on phone or text, she will end it with “I love you” and I did reply anytime knowing it’s just a...

Please help me help my friend


My gee bi ong then he say some girl bi like that then he then am dey so… Wey the girl after lock down (2020) asked him out. He was excited mmom but then something came up on his side so he had to postpone it. Fast forward about a week later, he asked the girl out on a date but she was going for a wedding so mutual understanding they postponed it. Fast forward a week after he asked her out lol and...

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