am still married but am a cheat now sadly


I was this faithful christian from childhood to a point last year. I finished highschool and college a virgin and wedded a fellow faithful shortly after i was through with college. I didn’t know what the world of love and *** was like because i didn’t have the exposure. At home when growing up, we couldn’t watch certain tv-shows because they were deemed immoral by my parents. I remember the first hug i got from a male was when i joined college and i had to repent and ask God for forgiveness because of being in such close contact with a man. After i got my job is when everything somehow started to change because the computer i was given had internet connection and the office is shared only by me and my co-worker so it’s pretty much private. One day i saw a porn url in my colleague’s computer and for a reason i don’t understand, it stuck in my head and i tried it. At first i didn’t know how the website operated, i couldn’t even watch a video but the pictures made me so horny that i had to close the browser and have a repentance session. It went on and on to a point i couldn’t hold it anymore n was watching porn on a regular basis on the computer then i started touching myself at work whenever no one was around. My libido shot and suddenly i wanted more creativity in the bedroom from my husband but he only recognizes missionary. Being accustomed to porn websites, i had this huge urge to have *** with another sexually vibrant person but didn’t know where to start or who to do it with n that’s when i decided to try my luck on a hookup channel. I met someone, six years younger than me and after doing it, i have never looked back. In a very short period, i have changed to a person who wants *** all the time and have experimented with two women already. yes i feel guilty but not as i did during the first days. I think the discovery of this whole new world of pleasure at an advanced age took a tore on me fast such that i couldn’t do much to change on time. I still go to church and am still married but am a cheat now sadly.

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