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Guys please help me with this one


Okay so I’m a painter and just last week a fashion school hired me to renovate their hostel, so I went to do my work as usual. I don’t usually talk when I’m working because I get distracted Buh this female student who really like talking was all over me and stuff ,so she took my number and we started talking on phone. From the start I knew she was into me but I was not Buh I decided to give her a...

Please what do you suggest I do


I’m stuck and I don’t know what do doThe thing is .I’m in a relationship and the guy doesn’t give me much attention. And I got acquainted with another guy so gives me attention and all I want . He have proposed about 4times and Ive turned him down 4 times . He told me to tell me guy to stop wooing me so he can take over me . But the truth is I don’t love this guy . I...

I don’t know what to do.


I met this guy and we’ve been dating for almost 2 years now. He hasn’t given me even a pesewas since we started dating and I don’t usually ask him for money though. The few times I did, he postpones the date he promised to give me the money till I get tired of asking even though he has two cars he’s very stingy yet he often brags that he’s not stingy. He...

Now what do I do


‘m a level 100 student in UccActually I like this girl and proposed to her on Vals dayFf she rejected me saying she likes me as a brotherFew weeks later, I got injured and she told me that she likes me too and that she doesn’t like to see me get hurtI thought it was a lie but she said that’s the truthShe said rejected me because she promised her mom that she won’t date...

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I don’t want to cheat on my boyfriend


Am a lady in my third year at uni. I met this guy and we have dated for almost three years now. I love him and he does everything for me. I have been faithful to him but there’s this guy who saw my picture on his friend’s phone and took my number from his friend and we started chatting for sometime now. I have started developing feelings for him but this guy has started asking for *** and I have...



First of all ladies over here should confirm to me, is it true that, the first guy who breaks ur virginity love is always with you no matter what the situation.Eeeiii Madi tw3 bi ahunu amane. I’m working for a company and am the supervisor there.So last two years a lady came to do an attachment with us so within the way we became close .So she started asking me of my relationship and i...

please advise me


I have been having *** with this girl for some time now, we work at the same place, we stay there together. She has a boyfriend whom she say she doesn’t love sake of some reasons, now the boyfriend is suspecting her that she’s cheating on him with me, she has denied all those allegations, still the guy would not believe, I talked with this girl last December and we stopped fucking...

Please guys what should I do?


So I have this girlfriend of mine and we’ve been dating for a few months now. It’s my first time having a girlfriend, she’s a virgin and she always demands a “promise ring” from me but the truth is I only like her to be my girlfriend till she finds her soulmate but the girl loves me so much in such a way that she wants to spend the rest of her life, get married and...

everyone is against our relationship


Hi everyone so I have this problem and aww need u pipo to advice so I have been dating this guy for like two years now and sometimes we argue breakup and get back together so the last time we break up he started showing off his new girl to me and after some days he told me It didn’t work out bcs it’s me he always loves me I accepted him back bcs I love him and he told me doesn’t chat with the...

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