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I couldn’t tell anyone


Two years ago, there’s was a ponzi scheme rush hour in my country, even though I didn’t know about it then, it never fancy me to join. Though lots of my friends were making money from it and advising me to join, it didn’t move me. There was a close friend of mind who was into it and he kept convincing me to join but I never fell for it. So one day he took me and some other guys...

thanks for giving me this platform to vent


.i fell in luv with this amazing guy in highschool n we had been together for 3 years n one thing led to another n i got pregnant at 17 n i decided to have an abortion(i could give a lot of reasons for why i did it which sounded really good and logical then bt looking back i did it because i was selfish) n i am a religious person who doesn’t believe in abortion n believes that life starts...

men will always be men


I was raised by a single mom all through because my dad was apparently a jackass but it has not been a smooth sail. No it’s not financial problems, it’s a problem with my mom whom we have an age difference of just 16 years. Thing is , my very own mom has had *** with three of my boyfriends including one that i was engaged with and all she does is apologise and say she was overwhelmed...

Is there anyone else in the world with the same problem as me?


When I was around 7 years old, my cousin used to love watching DC animations namely, flash, superman, batman etc. We used to watch them a lot together up until the day where he brought a batman costume so we could apparently play a part in the animations, while we were playing I noticed that he was touching my genitals a lot. Every since that day I have developed a batman fetish where I just get...

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I honestly don’t know how confessing will make things a bit less confusing but am gonna give it a shot. So my dad is some really famous divroced model. He’s now 39 and am 18. My mom passed away when I was a child. My dad raised me on his own. But not punishing me the way most parents do. He had his own ways that could be called inappropriate. As a child I didn’t know why I liked...

i have lost all the respect i have in her


I passed my highschool exams but i didn’t qualify for government sponsored spots in campus so my aunt took me in to pay for my education so now i live with them. The aunt is my mom’s sister and the husband is a very cool guy who works almost 24/7. Now they have a teenage boy in highschool who had once tried to touch my boob but you wouldn’t believe what she does behind her...

am still married but am a cheat now sadly


I was this faithful christian from childhood to a point last year. I finished highschool and college a virgin and wedded a fellow faithful shortly after i was through with college. I didn’t know what the world of love and *** was like because i didn’t have the exposure. At home when growing up, we couldn’t watch certain tv-shows because they were deemed immoral by my parents. I...

He is misleading an awful lot of people but never gets punished for it


I fell in love with our local pastor then things got out of hand i got paged but it doesn’t end there. He suggested that i had to do an abortion because if the baby was born, he/she would ruin his life based on the fact that his lifelihood comes from the money he collects from the church and with the trust gone, the congregation would move elsewhere. Honestly i don’t know what got...

I hate my life atm and i don’t know what to do


I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years and I love him to bits but he’s cheating on me. I found out a 6 months ago when I was on his phone and my male best friend sent him a bunch of nudes. I didn’t know my bf was bi! I was devastated and ever since I’ve fallen into a black hole of depression which is killing me. This depression has caused me to do crazy stuff which I now regret. I’ve started...

I wish i didn’t know all that stuff


My youngest sister is getting married this December but am not into the whole event. She is getting married to a player, a man who is much older than her and to make it worse, he has slept with every female in our family including my mom but she doesn’t know about it. Am not planning to tell her and am sure my older sister can’t tell her about her experiences with the guy. For my...

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