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my happiness depends on him


i meet this guy 10month ago. He was a friend of my friends. I loved his dimples n smile.. N that night the makeout was amazingly crazy! We started hanging out every chance we get that we even forget our friend’s…we fuck like crazy  til i get a sore p***y.. We usually go 7rounds sometimes more…He takes my breathe away… I feel like the size of his dick is made for me “perfect...

don’t mistreat that person who really loves you


I am a guy aged 23. So hear goes my confession:I have been to three r/ships in my life ,or what maybe I could call a serious affair. Now, my second r/ship was one I thought was the most serious, I consider it so because the girl I loved really loved me and I could feel it, precisely ,I broke her virginity maybe that’s why. Her parents were the strict kind but she never gave a damn after we...

waiting to see the next blow that life throws at me


Am stuck in something i should have avoided a long time ago but i went on with the flow since at first i didn’t know it would come to this. I was in an abusive marriage until one day i decided to run away because my husband could have killed me. When he got drunk, he would beat me so hard that sometimes i was unable to walk or to talk. I was even getting raped in marriage, i wasn’t up...

how i became a hardcore addict


 It was last year 2018 when i started masturbating but up until now i can’t stop. Am happily married but i have no job so i stay at home doing nothing because thankfully my husband has employed two househelps. During daytime i watch naija movies, sleep or masturbate, i really have nothing else to do since he told me to stay at home and not look for a job. It’s just that i have become...

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My wife’s wrestling craze


I would like you to post this confession. Last week i told my wife to pack and leave, call it a separation which will most likely lead to divorce because of something i couldn’t take any longer. I don’t know if there are other people who experience this in their marriage but i have never heard so it’s not normal. She is a huge wrestling fan, i also watched wrestling but i...

Whenever you want *** I’m always here


I have a man in my life who adores and loves me so much. *** is okay between us ,I mean ,,his dick game is at a scale of ten over ten ,,but that’s not enough for me .I crave for just more than penetration ,more of teasing, foreplay and oral *** ,which he just isn’t into. After him nutting ,I’m left horny and unsatisfied .I met this guy , a married man in an unhappy marriage...

feeding 10 stomachs


 I would like to disclose off something here. I think i have a big big problem that can only be solved by one simple operation called VASECTOMY. I am very young, 29 but i already have 9 kids whom are supposed to be just 4 on normal circumstances. I married 4 years ago but i have 4 children from marriage, 2 pairs of twins. What my wife doesn’t know is that when i was in college, i...

My biggest secret


My confession goes like this. As soon as i got married, my husband changed all over sudden and even started beating me up almost everyday. That’s when i naturally sought guidance from the pastor’s wife who as soon as hearing my story connected me to her husband the pastor for prayer and guidance. We scheduled a meeting n first day it went fine with no problem whatsover, after a...

I finally Quit


This happened about 11 years ago. I have nevertold anyone, i wouldn’t even know where to start if it’s a one on one conversation with someone. Back then my husband was this drunkard dude who used 80% of his income on alcohol and whores but he still provided food and shelter for us. Back then it was me, him and our first born. I was somehow caught in this bubble of fashion and...

painful experience


Hi, i have a confession, a tragedy that i brought all to myself. While i was in college not long ago, my friendsand i were into older women commonly referred to as sugarmummys and we tried every angle to at least land onebut it is not such an easy task, only one of us had been successful and even he never told us the what exactly transpired during their meet up. So one day i check one of my...

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